Quality Measures

HealthEast has an important Milestone Goal for the future:

"Building on our benchmark performance, HealthEast will be a national leader in clinical quality, patient experience and cost effectiveness – the best value."

At HealthEast, our commitment to quality is multi-faceted. We focus on and measure quality in several areas:

  • Clinical quality and patient outcomes
  • Patient experience and satisfaction
  • Medical staff satisfaction
  • Employee engagement

In this era of health care reform, HealthEast sees an opportunity to expand our focus on quality to a broader look at value. That includes clinical outcomes and patient experience viewed across all settings of care, combined with the total costs of that care. We will be focused more than ever on the transitions of care from clinic to hospital to post-acute care and back to the clinic.

We promote continuous improvement where all work is aligned with the purpose of creating value for those we serve. Our staff who are closest to the work are actively engaged in designing and improving our care by submitting ideas for change and improvement daily.

All of our quality efforts are based on these six Institute of Medicine (IOM) aims:

  • Safe —Patients should not be harmed by the care that is intended to help them. Safety needs to be designed into all that we do for patients.
  • Effective —Patients deserve care that is based on the best science, rather than on tradition alone. We must be certain to practice evidence-based care.
  • Equitable —Equal quality of care needs to be provided irrespective of a patient's race, ethnicity, gender or income.
  • Efficient —Efficient care means avoiding waste, including waste of equipment, supplies, ideas and energy.
  • Timely —Waits and delays are wasteful for patients and providers.
  • Patient-centered —Patients are a key part of the decision-making process for their care, allowing their personal preferences, values, lifestyle and family situation to guide that care.

Our Quality Measures

Clinical quality

Medical staff satisfaction

HealthEast conducts an annual medical staff engagement survey.

Patient experience

HealthEast conducts ongoing patient surveys facilitated by Press Ganey.

Employee engagement

HealthEast conducts an annual employee engagement survey facilitated by Press Ganey.