Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

At HealthEast, we believe it is important to know your rights as a hospital patient. We adhere to the Federal Patient Bill of Rights as well as the Minnesota Patients' Bill of Rights. The Minnesota Patients' Bill of Rights is also available in Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Russian and Laotian.

Contact a patient advocate

HealthEast welcomes patient and family feedback.

If you have questions or concerns about patient care, please contact the Patient Advocate at your hospital.

Hospital patient advocates

Bethesda: 651-232-2013
St. John's: 651-232-7967
St. Joseph's: 651-232-3061
Woodwinds: 651-232-0002

Contact hospital administration

Bethesda: 651-232-2122
St. John's: 651-232-7122
St. Joseph's: 651-232-3122
Woodwinds: 651-232-6880

Federal & Minnesota Patient Bill of Rights

The Minnesota Patients' Bill of Rights is also available in: