HealthEast & Fairview

Together, we are making Minnesota health care better. HealthEast has joined Fairview Health Services.

HealthEast and Fairview Health Services combined on June 1, 2017, to provide you with one of the most comprehensive and accessible health systems in Minnesota.

Through our combination, you can expect greater services, easier access to specialists, more clinic options and the best care — right in your community.

How will the partnership impact me?

We believe that joining forces enables us to deliver even better care with a broader range of services for our patients. We are currently exploring those opportunities and will keep our patients informed when new services become available.

Additionally, we are optimizing how we operate to create a more seamless and consistent experience for our patients, wherever they receive care within our health system. We will make finding, accessing and experiencing care easy, so you can focus on your health and healing.

Will I be able to see the same provider in the same clinic or hospital?

Yes. The providers, services and offices that you are familiar with continue to be available. The degree to which HealthEast and Fairview complement each other geographically was a major factor in our coming together.

Can I use a Fairview provider for my care?

Yes, as long as that Fairview provider is covered under your insurance plan today. Please check with your insurance carrier.

Will I continue to receive my bills from Fairview and HealthEast?

Yes. For the time being, billing will continue to be separate.

What medical record systems do Fairview and HealthEast use?

Both Fairview and HealthEast use Epic and can share your records with your permission.

Will MyChart still be used, and can I use MyChart for both Fairview and HealthEast?

Fairview and HealthEast continue to use separate versions of MyChart at this time. Planning is underway to unify these versions, though the timeline has not been determined.